Rob loves Nata

The Historic Jack House and Gardens – San Luis Obispo, California

Design Spark: Lush Picnic

Buzz words: Mischievous Elegance & Adorkable!

Natalie’s sister asked her to take over for her as a bookkeeper at the Multi-media library at California Polytechnic University that Rob was running. Rob was instantly smitten but patiently waited until Natalie graduated to ask her out on a date. 7 lucky years later, while at a family vacation in Napa, Natalie recalls; “Rob starts asking me if I am happy in general and happy with our relationship. (he was being very coy) And then he hands me a Tiffany’s bag!  As I am opening up all the layers of wrapping and boxes, I start crying and he drops down to one knee…. and, of course I say yes!”

In one of our first design meetings Natalie shared her feelings on the type of wedding she was envisioning: “Not too formal, but elegant and fun”. I asked Rob the same question and his answer was: I have been thinking about this and I believe “Mischievous Elegance” sums it up. We all giggled but as the weeks went by, and I got to know them better, it kept popping back into my mind. As I sat in front of the computer working on their design, the spark hit me: a lush picnic. Mischievous elegance indeed. Their first dance was to Toy Story’s “You Got a Friend in Me” and Rob made the cake topper at his studio depicting the two of them with Rob pointing to their future. Adorkable!



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