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Barn Wedding? Read on!

Article by yours truly on California Barn Wedding Blog


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From design presentation to sweet design!


2012-08-09 08.33.50

CLICK HERE to see this entire wedding as featured on Style Unveiled.

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Color Spark

Everyone in design waits for the Pantone Color of the year to be announced. Honestly, it’s the best part of the Holidays for me!

Very excited about Emerald being chosen as I think it foretells a shift toward abundant thinking. Green represents new and fresh for sure and Emerald takes it into precious gem status. The Emerald cut is traditionally square and beveled which in my mind reads: Tailored. Take a peek at this color palette from Onewed. I love the use of the pale pink roses with the Emerald and gold in this Engagement party design. It softens the royal combination and keeps it fresh and sweet.

I am loving several colors from the Pantone 2013 list this year as well. Greyed Jade, Dusk Blue and Nectarine. Take a peek at them here: Pantone

More on color soon…

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