Dear Mark


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You took a basic vision and turned it into something that belonged in a magazine! You are truly an artist. You made my wedding beautiful, incredible, and magical. Somehow you were able to read our minds and turn into the wedding of our dreams.

rachel and david rogoff

Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful wedding you gave Katie and Matt. You are an amazing designer and coordinator and none of us will ever forget that day. Or you!!

sharon oneto

Ireally don’t think I can put everything into an email that I am feeling right now.  Happiness mostly, joy plenty, and I am just so damn thankful.  You are so awesome!  You really completely blew me away on Saturday.  I’m tearing up now thinking about how beautiful and perfect everything was.  I mean, it’s your wedding, so you want it to be great, of course and you’re happy as it is, but when I arrived at the Jack House, I was just so amazed. It was stunning.  It was magical.    The tent structure and lighting were amazing, the cake table in the gazebo and vintage shelf for the berry pies were so adorable.  The ribbons were beautiful and the perfect colors.  The tables themselves were gorgeous!  Every little detail was just perfect.
And, you absolutely made me feel confident that everything was getting done what needed to be, so I could just relax and have fun.  I had the BEST TIME AT MY WEDDING!! You anticipated my every need.  I needed a drink when I arrived at the Jack House and one was in my hand!  I’m so glad my purse, bouquet, food, and beverages were packed up in car at our departure.  I never had to worry about anything.  And, I found the ceremony programs and our name cards in the things from my mother and that is just so nice.


Everyone kept telling me how awesome they thought you were and how beautiful everything was.  I got several, “this is seriously, the best wedding, I’ve ever been to” comments from my friends.  Several people also said stuff like, “wow, this wedding is really you and Rob.”  I think that is seriously the best compliment of all.  All the details were a blend of everything that I loved and wanted at my wedding.  You really understood what we wanted and just multiplied it by a million.
You truly are a master of your craft and I feel so lucky to have met you and to have been able to work with you on the most special occasion of my life.
Biggest hug ever,

nata and rob laacke