I wanted to share some designs from an annual corporate event that I have had the pleasure of producing for one of the best causes in town: The Dazzling Diamond Ball to benefit Hospice Partners of the Central Coast.

Hospice Partners have been assisting people and their families through the most difficult transition we all have to make; the transition from flesh to spirit.The staff and volunteers of Hospice Partners provide a calm, compassionate and profound service to these individuals, their loved ones and the community.

For more information on this inspiring organization click on the Hospice link above.

You can’t have a Dazzling Diamond Ball without a Dazzling Diamond and Steven DeLuque and Jeff Mackeegan of Marshalls Jewelers, has provided a stunning piece of jewelry every year. The one of a kind piece reflected the theme perfectly: Pearls for Japan, and a sapphire pendant for Treasure Island.

Every year we took the Embassy Suites Ballroom and transformed it into another place. Guests didn’t know what the theme was until they arrived. It built excitement and raised the expectation. It also gave us more time to perfect it!

Corinne Smith, the Bloom Diva and owner of Panacea Event Floral Design was by my side for all seven years providing inspiration, brilliant centerpieces and accent flowers that always brought life and distinction to the theme. Thank you my dear friend!

Bill Gaines Audio provided lighting for years 1 through 6 and Kramer Entertainment provided lighting the last year, a favorite theme: Pirate’s Cove on Treasure Island.

Photos are provided by Julie Wilson, Allyson Magda and Mike Larson Inc.

The photos are far too many to show here but I give you a sampling of a few favorite years. Each theme was flushed out completely. Working with the Chefs of the Embassy Suites to capture the essence of each theme with the cuisine and cocktails. The bar was a favorite spot to emphasize the chosen location: Shots of iced vodka when in Russia, sake when in Japan. The bartenders were truly sports and wore costumes I provided from Costume Capers.

Music is the underscoring to any great event and we always hired a fabulous band such as The Usonia Jazz Band, The Oasis Band and the San Luis Jazz Band. We also found amazing entertainment and had them playing in full swing when the ballroom’s doors opened. Taiko Drummers in Japan and sword fighting Pirates on Treasure Island.

Starting with a blank slate….



To Russia with Love


Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan



Dazzling Pirates!


Last year was unfortunately the very last Dazzling Diamond Ball. The economy has been tough on all non-profits. Please follow the link if you would like to donate, and thank you to all the volunteers, vendors for their contributions and hard work, and to the guests who have attended for the past 7 years. Your support has transformed lives.