Love the History and Vintage look of your reception site but want to make it modern?

Transform it with the right design and the perfect team.

What a pleasure and honor to design a look for the beautiful and Historic Ballroom at the Paso Robles Inn in old town Paso Robles. The Inn has served visitors for more than a century. In 1940 a fire leveled the Hotel but left the majority of the grand dining room in tact. The Hotel was rebuilt the following year and then in 1999 the dining room was lovingly restored to its 1930’s grandeur and renamed the Grand Ballroom, complete with the high wood-beamed ceilings and the original hardwood floor.

The start of my design concept was the gorgeous wood that encircles the room and extends to the ceiling. The wood is very dark and the walls are white which can break up a space and make it seem smaller. I had Zack Hubbard and Ryan Reyes of Kramer Entertainment and Lighting accent and brighten the wood then deepen the hue of the walls and ceiling. This brought them closer together in tone and unified the Grand feel.

Then I worked from the ground up. How many ballrooms do you know of that are built completely of original hardwood? The gold tones of the floor inspired the “butter” linen on the guest tables. I knew that would bring the floor up into the overall design. Now I wanted to make it modern. Grey is a popular wedding color currently and I thought it really gave it a sophisticated urban feel and loved the combination of the warm tablecloth and cool “silver” napkin.

Corinne Smith of panacea event floral design wowed me with her brushed steel vases and “garden feel with contemporary elements” centerpieces! They truly brought the entire design to life. One of the saddest things I see in many weddings is that you have gorgeous centerpieces and linens but can’t see them due to poor lighting. Zack and Ryan used spotlights for each table and centered it on the centerpiece. This not only highlights the most important décor element at a reception it makes each table glow and provides soft ambient light for your guests.

From there, I added gray and silver votives and my current favorite floral media: succulents! The flower-like heads of these incredibly versatile and eco-friendly plants added texture but kept it clean and fresh. Check back to this blog for a more of my love affair with succulents!

I found some cool yellow and grey note cards on sale and printed up a wedding menu and tucked it into a square pocket-fold in the napkin. Menus can be an affordable way to add fun and color to your table design and I think guests appreciate a peek of what’s to come.

Now, you can come up with a gorgeous design with all these elements but if its not captured by the right photographer it only becomes a dim memory. Jake Odening with Mike Larson Photography Inc. expressed the whole design in these images with a careful eye and awesome talent.

You don’t always have to go big to freshen up a space. The Paso Robles Ballroom has a lovely front Parlor for your guests to gather for cocktails with a beautiful bar. I used a fun welcome sign and asked Corinne to add simple floral elements to the old room key and mail slots frame. I had Zack add two up lights to brighten the back wall then updated the bar with a modern piece of fabric. Add Corinne’s fabulous flower features and you have a fun a fresh place for guests to get the party started!

Again, it was an honor to work with Jan Lynch and the staff at The Paso Robles Inn. The ballroom is a testament to craftsmanship and is truly a beautiful example of a Phoenix Rising.

Next time you are thinking of renting a facility that is authentic and has history but you are concerned it will come across as old fashioned, just find the right wedding team and you can have it all. Vintage-Modern is a spectacular combination!